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>    >   On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 10:18 AM, wrote: >    >   Warren, don’t know if you saw this analysis from David Kelly. >    Thanks, My current take is very similar: Looks to me like this is about health care insurance and not health care per se. Most all that seems to have ...Read More

Why health care will keep us ill

[Skip to the end] The flaw in the annointment is that our out of paradigm legislators and administration have apparently agreed that whatever healthcare they pass will be a ‘tax now, spend later’ arrangement. This will only serve to reduce aggregate for the time leading up to the additional spending, which looks ...Read More

Obama at All Star Game: “We’re out of money”

[Skip to the end] Agreed And worse, it may mean we don’t get a decent health care program but continue with what we have that is driving doctors and other practitioners out of the field in droves. With 10% unemployment we can afford just about anything and everything before we run out ...Read More