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US Energy Consumption as % of GDP

US Energy Consumption as Percent of GDP Interesting how the price hikes get us back to the 1970s ratio. One of the arguments that it was different this time around was that crude is a lower percentage of GDP than it was then. The pass-throughs to the rest of the price structure ...Read More

The Independent: UK Bank deputy chief warning

Bank deputy chief warns of market trouble to come by Ben Russell, Political Correspondent and Sean O’Grady Britain is facing the risk of renewed turmoil in the financial markets, the new deputy governor of the Bank of England warned yesterday. Professor Charlie Bean, the deputy governor for monetary policy and a former ...Read More

2008-06-26 Daily US Economic Releases

[Skip to the end] GDP QoQ Annualized (Released 8:30 EST) Personal Consumption (Released 8:30 EST) GDP Price Index (Released 8:30 EST) Core PCE QoQ (Released 8:30 EST) Initial Jobless Claims (Released 8:30 EST) Continiuing Jobless Claims (Released 8:30 EST) Help Wanted Index (Released 10:00 EST) Existing Home Sales (Released 10:00 EST) Existing ...Read More

2008-06-23 EU Daily News Highlights

[Skip to the end] Weakness, inflation, and rising debt to GDP levels caused by both weakness and higher interest rates. Get your sovereign eurozone credit default insurance before it’s too late! Highlights Europe’s Manufacturing, Services Industries Shrink     German business confidence falls in June, Ifo survey says     Ifo’s Nerb Says Business ...Read More

Re: Roach-Stagflation

[Skip to the end] (an email exchange) A few of things: First, the rising wages in the 70’s led to bracket creep that put the budget in surplus in 1979 and resulted in a severe recession soon after. This time around it is unlikely the inflation takes much of a dent out ...Read More

2008-05-29 US Economic Releases

[Skip to the end] GDP QoQ Annualized (Released 9:30 EST) Personal Consumption (Released 9:30 EST) GDP Price Index (Released 9:30 EST) Core PCE QoQ (Released 9:30 EST) Initial Jobless Claims (Released 9:30 EST) Continuing Claims (Released 9:30 EST) Help Wanted Index (Released 11:00 EST) GDP QoQ Annualized (1Q P) Survey 0.9% Actual ...Read More

US – State Tax Reveues Stuggling

[Skip to the end] Preliminary data for Jan – Mar quarter shows sales tax at -0.1% YY, first decline since 2002 Q1. 21 states out of 36 reporting so far saw declines. Inflation adjusted sales tax declined in at least 27 states. Income tax was +4.7% YY thus no notable deterioration yet. ...Read More

Bloomberg: US First Quarter Advance GDP: Statistical Summary

[Skip to the end] U.S. First Quarter Advance GDP: Statistical Summary (Table) by Kristy Scheuble (Bloomberg) Following is a summary of Gross Domestic Product from the Commerce Department.   1Q 4Q 3Q 2Q 1Q 4Q 3Q   2008 2007 2007 2007 2007 2006 2006 Annualized Quarterly Change Real GDP 0.6% 0.6% 4.9% ...Read More

2008-04-30 US Economic Releases

[skip to the end] MBAVPRCH Index (Released 7:00 EST) MBAVREFI Index (Released 8:15 EST) ADP Employment Change (Released 8:30 EST) GDP QoQ Annualized (Released 8:30 EST) Personal Consumption (Released 8:30 EST) GDP Price Index (Released 8:30 EST) Core PCE QoQ (Released 8:30 EST) Employment Cost Index (Released 8:30 EST) Chicago Purchasing Manager ...Read More

Exports – looks good, feels bad

Net Exports as a % of GDP (Keep in mind: exports are real costs; imports real benefits.) Since January 2005 net exports (while still negative) have gone up by about 1.55% of GDP through 2007 year end, and so far have continued higher in Q1 2008. In Q1 2005 the general environment ...Read More