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Gasoline demand

[Skip to the end] Looks like we are leveling off around unchanged year over year. Consumption started falling off after GDP went negative in the second half of 08 so the year over year comps should show higher consumption for the second half of 09. ...Read More

RBOB moving up

[Skip to the end] Even as spot crude prices remain low, and the front contango extreme, RBOB (unleaded gasoline) has been steadily moving up, and the crack spread widening substantially. This fits with anecdotal reports of gasoline consumption remaining reasonably firm with year over year declines under 4%. It’s not going to ...Read More

Gasoline demand

this doesn’t look like the stuff of recession: FUNDAMENTALS TO SUPPORT Barclays Capital said gasoline demand indications from the U.S., the world’s largest consumer, have been robust. “Gasoline is showing the strongest year-on-year growth in demand for January-to-date,” it said in a research note. “In each of the past six years, February ...Read More

gas demand +.9%

Give Saudi/Russians comfort that they can keep hiking. And markets say Fed will keep ‘accommodating’. So much for higher prices curbing demand! DJ US Gasoline Demand +0.9% On Week – MasterCard SpendingPulse(DJ) NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–U.S. gasoline demand for the week ended Dec. 21, measured by purchases at the pump, rose 0.9% ...Read More