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Mosler proposal for the housing agencies

Have the Fed Financing Bank fund the agencies with fixed rate amortizing term funding. Have the FFB eat the convexity and allow prepayments of advances at par as mtgs pay down. Have Congress set the FFB’s advance rate for the mtgs for public purpose. Have fed member banks originate agency mtgs on ...Read More

GSEs renting foreclosed properties

>    >   (email exchange) >    >   On Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 3:40 PM, wrote: >    >   Hi Warren, >    >   I believe this is along the lines of your idea a while back to mitigate the >   foreclosure problem by having the US Gov’t step in and take ownership of the >   real property and rent the ...Read More

Bloomberg: Thoughts on Treasury plan

[Skip to the end] My take is an RTC type solution only works when the government owns the institutions, so this will probably be different. I suspect it will be more like Japan, where the government bought a new class of preferred stock in the banks to add capital. Whatever they will ...Read More

Bloomberg: Stern Says Fed Rate Rise `Can’t Wait’ for Markets to Stabilize

[Skip to the end] A minority view but a growing one. They are thinking the low rates are destabilizing the housing and financial markets via the weak USD channel. Stern Says Fed Rate Rise `Can’t Wait’ for Markets to Stabilize by Vivien Lou Chen (Bloomberg) Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Gary ...Read More