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Mexico’s poor get food cash bonus

Right, this was also suggested in a prior email- the political response towards a food shortage would be cash distributions. Assuming there actually is a world food shortage and the prices are indicative of a world market allocating by price, this doesn´t create any new food but simply adds upward pressure on ...Read More


On the current food shortages and protests created by biofuels (as feared): The mainstream ‘Malthusian’ world is one where the population grows to the size of the food supply. Now we have a new twist on that theme. The monetary system burns up the food supply as fuel to the point where the marginal ...Read More

Re: Food prices (cont)

(a set of interoffice emails) Sanjiv to me 9:10 AM Reply See the riots in Haiti over food prices? Mike to me 9:03 AM Reply Much of it caused by financial intermediaries YES, TO THE EXTENT THERE ARE EXCESS INVENTORIES. BIOFUELS, TO THE EXTENT THE FOOD/ACREAGE HAS BEEN USED FOR FUEL On ...Read More

Bloomberg: Egypt’s Soaring Food Prices Bring Bread Lines, Deficit Pressure

This is destabilizing and escalating. Egypt’s Soaring Food Prices Bring Bread Lines, Deficit Pressure By Abeer Allam and Daniel Williams   (Bloomberg) Atyat Musa Bakri, a Cairo mother of nine children, was waiting in line to buy subsidized bread for the third time in one day. “The more cheap bread I can ...Read More