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Do we have enemies that are using our misunderstanding of our monetary system to undermine our actual national defense? Could they be playing on our deficit phobia that’s taken hold to subdue us? Or is it all just innocent fraud? While there is certainly spending on waste and fraud in the military ...Read More

Trichet says rising deficits are ‘problem’

[Skip to the end] Agreed! They are risking the solvency of the national governments. The national governments are beyond the point where they can write the check should any of their major banks be declared insolvent. Trichet Says Rising Deficits are ‘Problem,’ Osnabruecker Reports by Matthew Brockett Feb 12 (Bloomberg) &#8212 European ...Read More

Stiglitz article

[Skip to the end] The Seven Deadly Deficits By Joseph E. Stiglitz When President George W. Bush assumed office, most of those disgruntled about the stolen election contented themselves with this thought: Given our system of checks and balances, given the gridlock in Washington, how much damage could be done? Now we ...Read More

Krugman on deficits

[Skip to the end] Deficits and the Future By Paul Krugman Right now there’s intense debate about how aggressive the United States government should be in its attempts to turn the economy around. Many economists, myself included, are calling for a very large fiscal expansion to keep the economy from going into ...Read More