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DJ Moody’s:US Rating Could Be Negatively Affected by Tax-Cut Extension

Just in case you thought Moody’s knew anything about sovereign debt. And how about those Democrats are using deficit terrorist rhetoric to try to fight back against the Republicans. *DJ Moody’s Says US Sovereign Debt Rating Stable For Now *DJ Moody’s:US Sovereign Debt Rating Stable Following Tax-Cuts Decision *DJ Moody’s:US Rating Could ...Read More

The deficit terrorists are winning

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Town hall meetings suggestions

The National Commission on Fiscal Sustainability is holding town hall meetings June 26, with an eye towards ‘fixing’ Social Security. Here’s a suggested question for anyone attending: ‘I agree with statements by both Bernanke and Greenspan as well as David Walker from the Peterson Foundation that as a matter of monetary operations ...Read More

US Debt Clock

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Deficit terrorist #1 David Walker of the Peterson Institute states to host Mike Norman there is no solvency issue!

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