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2008-03-27 US Economic Releases

GDP Annualized (4Q F) Survey 0.6% Actual 0.6% Prior 0.6% Revised n/a Personal Consumption (4Q F) Survey 1.9% Actual 2.3% Prior 1.9% Revised n/a Revised up to a very respectable number. And income remains positive, and employment is at high levels. GDP Price Index (4Q F) Survey 2.7% Actual 2.4% Prior 2.7% ...Read More

2007-12-20 US Economic Releases

GDP Annualized (3QF) Survey 4.9% Actual 4.9% Prior 4.9% Revised n/a Personal Consumption (3QF) Survey 42.8.9% Actual 2.8% Prior 2.7% Revised n/a GDP Price Index (3QF) Survey 0.9% Actual 1.0% Prior 0.9% Revised n/a Above numbers as expected. Core PCE QoQ (3QF) Survey 1.8% Actual 2.0% Prior 1.8% Revised n/a This is ...Read More

2007-12-13 US Economic Releases

Producer Price Index MoM (Nov) Survey -1.5% Actual 3.2% Prior 0.1% Revised n/a Off the charts! PPI Ex Food & Energy MoM (Nov) Survey 0.2% Actual 0.4% Prior 0.0% Revised n/a Core moving up to headline? That’s the fed’s worst nightmare now. Producer Price Index YoY (Nov) Survey 6.0% Actual 2.0% Prior ...Read More