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US Consumption and Tax Policy

[Skip to the end] Some interesting bits. Supports my contention that we are seeing real wealth flowing upward and will continue to do so. Note the distribution of consumption, which has been moving north as well. Proposed tax policy won’t change any of this- higher incomes will more than offset increased marginal ...Read More

Falling consumption

[Skip to the end] Falling consumption and rising unemployment means the private sector wants to work and get paid, but doesn’t want to spend its earnings on consumer goods. No problem! Depending on one’s politics, this allows government to increase spending to employ the idle resources for public purpose, such as infrastructure, ...Read More

Gasoline demand

this doesn’t look like the stuff of recession: FUNDAMENTALS TO SUPPORT Barclays Capital said gasoline demand indications from the U.S., the world’s largest consumer, have been robust. “Gasoline is showing the strongest year-on-year growth in demand for January-to-date,” it said in a research note. “In each of the past six years, February ...Read More