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It’s not just Chrysler

[Skip to the end] Thanks! Another example of politicians using the TARP card to influence the bankruptcy process. Banks may think twice before they provide their next DIP. If nothing else, the cost of this financing will increase. Which I believe is counter to what said politicians would like to see happening. ...Read More

Latest on Obama and Chrysler

[Skip to the end] Not to bore you with this, but it’s a no win situation in that if the secured creditors lose, the entire credit structure becomes uncertain, and if the secured creditors win, the deal breaks down and Obama, an all star law graduate, loses credibility and political power as ...Read More

Credit Crunch II?

[Skip to the end] This could trigger ‘Credit Crunch II’ which will be far more destructive than anything we’ve seen to date. In Credit Crunch I lenders stopped lending temporarily for the likes of homes and cars due to fear of falling prices, rising unemployment, etc. Credit Crunch II will be about ...Read More

Re: Chrysler related comments by Professor Bill Black

[Skip to the end] >    >   On Sat, May 2 and 3:48 PM, Bill wrote: >    >   I want to amplify a couple of Warren’s points that the media that I’ve seen has >   missed. To me the key is the internal inconsistency of the Obama >   administration’s reasoning. Contracts were sacred (AIG bonuses). Now, secured ...Read More

Chrysler related comments

[Skip to the end] The point remains that the job of the executive branch is to enforce the laws as enacted by Congress. This is not a time of war, Chrysler is not a national security or strategic issue, nor is the US automobile industry. In fact, Chrysler was already largely a ...Read More

Chrysler Obamanation

[Skip to the end] Chrysler Lenders Include Yale, Gates Foundation by Katherine Burton, Sree Bhaktavatsalam and Pierre Paulden May 1 (Bloomberg) — Chrysler LLC’s secured lenders include Yale University,Oaktree Capital Management and assets managed for the University of Kentucky, Halliburton Co., Kraft Foods Master Retirement and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,, ...Read More

Obama’s Chrysler speech

[Skip to the end] First impression: thoroughly depressing at all levels. Particularly the public purpose aspect. Less critical but also highly disturbing are issues like: Looks like a nearly free call for Fiat because Obama believes their technology is critical. Obama: Bankruptcy is ‘path to Chrysler’s revival’ in new partnership with Fiat ...Read More