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German Economy Grew at Fastest Pace in Two Decades

It’s been a long two decades, and 3.6% growth coming out of a 4.7% slump, slowing to 2% this year, isn’t anything to brag about. And with the German dependency on exporting to the rest of Europe they’ll likely support continued ECB funding assistance. The austerity measures, which make euro ‘harder to ...Read More

Weber Says ECB Monetary Policy Increasingly Effective

[Skip to the end] They wouldn’t dare give the rising budget deficits any credit. Weber Says ECB Monetary Policy Increasingly Effective by Christian Vits May 18 (Bloomberg) — European Central Bank Governing Council member Axel Weber said the bank’s monetary policy is increasingly stabilizing the economy. “Monetary policy is contributing significantly to ...Read More

ECB expected to cut rates 50 bps today

[Skip to the end] ECB to Cut Rates as Slump Calls for `Radical Action’ by Christian Vits Nov. 6 (Bloomberg) — The European Central Bank will cut interest rates for the second time in less than a month today as the region’s economy suffers its worst slump in 15 years, economists said. ...Read More

Eurozone coming apart

[Skip to the end] RLPC- European secondary loan prices breach 70 pct By Zaina Espana The low secondary loan prices reflect heavy forced selling by stressed investors that has also weighed on the battered LevX index of leveraged loan credit default swaps. Around three billion euros of forced sales have flooded the ...Read More