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Jan US auto sales news

With 15 days down they are looking for only minuscule growth of total vehicle sales for January, year over year, as the growth rate looks to have dropped to near 0. And that was before stocks got shaky… J.D. Power and LMC Automotive Report ...Read More

China News

[Skip to the end] Between car sales and nominal wages doesn’t seem motor fuel consumption is going down any time soon. And just look at these financial sector increases! China’s home-made car sales hit new high in March by Deng Shasha Apr 9 (Xinhua) — Sales of domestic cars in China set ...Read More

ABC Buying Climate Index

Yes, one more data point indicating we hit the wall right around year end. (ISM, car sales, payrolls, redbook sales) Maybe the stock market scared consumers? Cliff is convinced stock market drops cause consumer retrenchment and recessions. Can’t say I disagree with something like 75% of Americans now holding shares. But something ...Read More