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Canadian success story…

Doesn’t look like Canada was all that immune from the crisis to me? Ok, their banks didn’t fail or need data transfered from one account at the Bank of Canada to another to keep them open for business. So what? Look what happened to unemployment- real life for real people. And it’s ...Read More

Canada ready to buy $US on weakness

[Skip to the end] From: Mario Seccareccia Date: Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 10:58 AM Subject: RE: *Canada ready to buy $US on weakness To: Warren Mosler Warren, I was at a conference in Quebec City on the issue of financialisation and I just got back literally during the night because of ...Read More

Carney Says Intervention Needs Policy to Back It Up to Work

[Skip to the end] CIBC Says Canada Should Consider ‘Bounded Float’ of Currency This would help support exports. (But my first choice would instead be funding an $8/hr job for anyone willing and able to work and a tax cut to sustain domestic demand and optimize real terms of trade.) Carney Says ...Read More

Canada ready to buy $US on weakness

[Skip to the end] While he’s a bit shaky on his understanding of monetary operation his intentions are clear enough: Bank of Canada talks tough on rising dollar By Kevin Carmichael Oct. 3 (The Globe and Mail ) — Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney is done with nuance. His new message ...Read More

Re: Globe & Mail – Canadian Propaganda

[Skip to the end] (email exchange) Yes, thanks. I just saw a replay of the Obama comedy routine of a few days ago. It wasn’t at all clever or funny, but sarcastic, mean spirited, cheap shots and arrogant self glorification, etc. and delivered as such. The shots against Clinton, Summers, and Biden- ...Read More

Canada has it right

[Skip to the end] Flaherty seems to have the fiscal aspects right today. Anyone know who his advisors are? Pace of bank remedies too slow, Flaherty says by Eric Reguly Apr 3 (Globe and Mail) — “Running large deficits is inflationary, eventually,” Flaherty said. “The spending will end. It is a use-it-or-lose- ...Read More

Canada News | Ottawa to guarantee inter-bank lending

[Skip to the end] Excellent move! Someone finally understands that the CB demanding collateral from its own regulated banks is redundant for ‘local currency’ lending to member banks. The Fed should have done this long ago and saved a year of financial turmoil, as I’ve been proposing for a long time. This ...Read More

2008-06-19 Canada News Highlights

[Skip to the end] Highlights Canada Inflation Rate Rises More Than Forecast in May on Gasoline Costs     Canada Wholesale Sales Rise Twice as Much as Expected     Canadian Dollar Strengthens as Report Shows Inflation Accelerated in May Gotta love these kinds of headlines. Latin America had the strongest currencies in the ...Read More