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California to issue IOU’s

[Skip to the end] Tell Arnold to make them eligible for payment of state taxes and they can forever use the IOU’s for state purchases in place of $US July 1 (Reuters) — California prepared on Tuesday to resort to issuing IOUs as the giant but cash-strapped U.S. state struggled to approve ...Read More


[Skip to the end] Rather than let the states cut essential services and lay off employees with unemployment over 9%, I would give all the states an immediate $500 per capita distribution from the federal government. It is the same voters and the same taxpayers, so per capita is the way to ...Read More

California housing data

[Skip to the end] Quote from Data Quick: Record January sales totals in Perris, Temecula, Victorville and Fontana in the Inland Empire. Palmdale in Los Angeles County posted a record total in January, and record January sales totals also were achieved in Chula Vista and Lemon Grove in San Diego County and ...Read More

AP: California home sales up big

Just annecdotal, but guaranteed that if they were down that much it would be all over the news: Home sales in California jump nearly 27 percent by Jordan Robertson SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) – Home sales in California jumped nearly 27 percent from March to April as bargain hunters found it easier ...Read More

Washington Mutual to take writedown, cut jobs

Yet another shoe that didn’t fall. No business interruption, no change to aggregate demand, a relatively few layoffs over time, and this is a major California lender where housing is hurting perhaps the most of any state. Washington Mutual to Take Writedown, Cut Jobs (Update1) 2007-12-10 17:00 (New York) (Adds writedown in ...Read More