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UK’s Brown and King re: failed auction

[Skip to the end] Brown ‘Terribly Fragile’ After Bond Auction Flops by Robert Hutton and Mark Dean Mar 26 (Bloomberg) — The first failed British bond auction in more than seven years leaves Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s reputation for economic competence even more tarnished as he battles recession and a rising tide ...Read More

Brown Says Monetary Policy Is Having Reduced Impact in U.K.

[Skip to the end] In fact, lower rates are slowing things down by cutting government interest payments, and thereby requiring a higher fiscal adjustment. Brown Says Monetary Policy Is Having Reduced Impact in UK Jan 27 (Bloomberg) — Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the Bank of England’s ability to influence the economy ...Read More

FT: Letter to the editor

[Skip to the end] Published letter to the editor in FT. Expect public-sector deficits and oil prices to go on rising by Prof Philip Arestis, Dr John McCombie and Mr Warren Mosler. Sir, Public-sector deficits and crude oil prices will probably both continue rising. Chris Giles’ reports, “Treasury to reform Brown’s fiscal ...Read More