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Research Reports – Fed Balance Sheet Explodes

[Skip to the end] Yes, and when the proactive fiscal package kicks in next month adding to the already reasonably large deficit (from falling tax revenues and rising transfer payments) and starts driving up prices from liquidation levels, monetary policy will get the blame. Just like Greenspan’s getting blamed for the housing ...Read More

Responses to comments on the ‘Comments on Brian Wesbury article’ post

Post: Comments on Brian Wesbury article Comment by ‘Hoover Printing Press‘: Warren congrats on your new website. Thanks! I keep reading that the bond insurers have let banks keep lots of “accounting issues” off the books – thus affecting tier 1 capital requirements – currently to the banks advantage. Without the bond ...Read More

Comments on Brian Wesbury article

He’s got the data right, and I agree with all he concludes from it. All he’s missing is the difference he points two between now (unlimited funds available) and The Great Depression (banks short of lendable funds), including what the Fed presumably ‘did’ each time, are the differences between the constraints of ...Read More