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Rising Deficits Pose Major Threat to Economy: Bernanke

Not much progress here: Rising Deficits Pose Major Threat to Economy: Bernanke By Jeff Cox Feb 2 (CNBC) — Rising federal budget deficits are posing a significant threat to the U.S. economy and are likely to cause a crisis if not brought under control, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress Thursday. ...Read More

Bernanke comments

> *DJ Bernanke:US Can Learn From China’s Succesful Economic Growth Story Right, like how their annual deficit spending has been over 20% of GDP if you count state lending. Wonder how he missed that one? > *DJ Bernanke:Promoting Technology, Education Behind Emerging Nations’ Success > *DJ Bernanke:Sound Fiscal Policy, Open Trade, Better ...Read More

Jackson Hole- comments tomorrow’s speech by Fed Chairman Bernanke

First, I see no public purpose in burning any crude oil to fly the Chairman and his entourage to make any speech. He could just as easily deliver this one from the steps of the Fed in DC. Congress should demand a statement of public purpose before endorsing any travel by its ...Read More

Comments on Chairman Bernanke’s testimony

>    >   (email exchange) >    >   On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 9:55 AM, wrote: >    >   I see Bernanke is speaking your language now… >    Yes, a bit, but but as corrected below: “DUFFY: We had talked about the QE2 with Dr. Paul. When — when you buy assets, where does that money come ...Read More

President Obama and Chairman Bernanke believe in the Confidence Fairy

“RENACCI: I know some people have asked in previous questions, but do you put uncertainty as a — as a concern? I mean, again, being a business owner in the past, uncertainty will cause a lockup. And we could talk about, you know, the government cutting costs and cutting jobs, but the ...Read More

Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke on Fiscal Sustainability

This is from the same Ben S. Bernanke that stated the Fed spends by using their computer to mark up numbers in bank accounts. Now, by extension, he’d propose basketball stadiums have a reserve of points for their scoreboards to make sure the teams could get their scores when they put the ...Read More

Bernanke Admits Economy Slowing; No Hint of New Stimulus

In fact, no one on the FOMC has called for QE3, so it’s highly unlikely with anything short of actual negative growth. So the question is, why the unamimous consensus? I’d say it varies from member to member, with each concerned for his own reason, for better or for worse. And I ...Read More

Weekly Credit Graph Packet – 06/06/11

Recognizing that ‘it’s all one piece’ The rest of the credit stack seems to be moving up in yield roughly in line with equities. The slowdown seems to be getting serious. Hopefully the euro zone and UK haven’t yet reached the tipping point where austerity shifts from reducing deficits to adding to ...Read More

FOMC Statement

Also note that long term forecasts continue to assume ‘appropriate monetary policy’ This means the forecasts contain the assumption that the Fed can hit it’s long term goals for inflation and unemployment by adjusting ‘monetary policy’ In other words, the presumption of being able to hit their targets means the longer term ...Read More

Quick Bernanke video clip from 60 minutes on how the Fed spends/lends

...Read More