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Reinhart got it right

[Skip to the end] I hadn’t noticed this back then, but Vince got it right: The Fed purchased the $30 billion of securities from JPM/Bear Stearns, with JPM agreeing that if there were any net losses it would be responsible for the first $1 billion. It’s very odd that the Fed would ...Read More

2008-07-14 Weekly Credit Graph Packet

[Skip to the end] IG On-the-run Spreads (Released 5:44 EST) IG6 Spreads (Released 5:44 EST) IG7 Spreads (Released 5:44 EST) IG8 Spreads (Released 5:44 EST) IG9 Spreads (Released 5:44 EST) IG On-the-run Spreads (Jul 14) [top][end] IG6 Spreads (Jul 14) [top][end] IG7 Spreads (Jul 7) [top][end] IG8 Spreads (Jul 14) [top][end] IG9 ...Read More

Watch Here: Discussion of March 18th, 2008 Fed meeting

Topic: Discussion of March 18th FOMC meeting Aired: Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 @ 11AM EST Note: The audio doesn’t work in the beginning – equipment upgrade next time. ...Read More

Re: Bear Stearns Cont’d

(some email q&a’s) UPDATED as more questions come in!! Why would shareholders approve this sale? Answer, they may not. They may take their chances with getting more $ in bankruptcy. Or a higher bid might surface. The Fed has turned Bear Stearns into a ‘free call’ with their non recourse financing, And ...Read More

Re: Bear Stearns

(an email) > > On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 7:16 PM, someone wrote: > > Roubini sure did call it. I hope he is not on the money with > his other calls. > Bear didn’t fold and didn’t have a problem due to a business failure. I’ll bet earnings (next ...Read More