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Once again, management is quick to sell the shareholders down the river with a fat coupon, low strike, dilutive preferred. This is one of the inherent risks of being a common shareholder under current law. It keeps stocks cheaper than otherwise, which makes them more attractive as takeover candidates, as when you ...Read More

Re: Bank of America and moral hazard

[Skip to the end] (email exchange) >    >   On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 9:29 PM, Morris wrote: >    >   Comments >    >   1. So LEH was ok to let fail?? What a ridiculous scenario–why were MER >   shareholders more valuable than LEH? Thank you Mr Paulson >    >   2. BAC- just nationalize C and. BAC and ...Read More

Bank losses remain less than a year’s earnings

(Reuters article) Big Banks Lower Outlook, Overshadowing Fed Plan Three major U.S. banks said they expect more write-downs and loan losses in the fourth quarter, eroding investor enthusiam over a Federal Reserve plan to ease the global credit crunch. The warnings from the three banks, Bank of America, Wachovia and PNC Financial ...Read More