ABC Consumer Confidence Archive

2008-04-01 US Economic Releases

ISM Manufacturing (Mar) Survey 47.5 Actual 48.6 Prior 48.3 Revised n/a Still soft, but better than expected and not at recession levels of 44 or less. ISM Prices Paid (Mar) Survey 75.0 Actual 83.5 Prior 75.5 Revised n/a ISM TABLE Prices paid up and employment up -inflation and a lower output gap- ...Read More

2008-03-25 US Economic Releases

S&P-CS Home Price Index (Jan) Survey n/a Actual 180.7 Prior 184.9 Revised 185.0 S&P-CS Composite-20 YoY (Jan) Survey -10.5% Actual -10.7% Prior -9.1% Revised -9.0% Still falling.  January/Winter numbers.  Lagging indicators. Just kicked in in March. Consumer Confidence (Mar) Survey 73.5 Actual 64.5 Prior 75.0 Revised 76.4 Down sharply, a lagging indicator, ...Read More

2008-03-18 US Economic Releases

Producer Price Index MoM (Feb) Survey 0.4% Actual 0.3% Prior 1.0% Revised n/a PPI Ex Food & Energy MoM (Feb) Survey 0.2% Actual 0.5% Prior 0.4% Revised n/a Producer Price Index YoY (Feb) Survey 6.8% Actual 6.4% Prior 7.4% Revised n/a PPI Ex Food & Energy YoY (Feb) Survey 2.1% Actual 2.4% ...Read More

2008-03-11 US Economic Releases

Trade Balance TABLE Exports YoY Trade Balance (Jan) Survey -$59.5B Actual -$58.2B Prior -$58.8B Revised -$57.9B Exports up over 16.6% year over year (supports GDP) – looks like a banana republic! Trade balance lower than expected with crude up to much. Should keep working it’s way lower all year as non residents ...Read More

2008-03-04 US Economic Releases

ABC Consumer Confidence (Mar 2) Survey n/a Actual -34 Prior -37 Revised n/a Stabilizing at very low levels. ...Read More

2008-02-26 US Economic Releases

Producer Price Index MoM (Jan) Survey 0.4% Actual 1.0% Prior -0.1% Revised -0.3% PPI Ex Food & Energy MoM (Jan) Survey 0.2% Actual 0.4% Prior 0.2% Revised n/a Producer Price Index YoY (Jan) Survey 7.3% Actual 7.4% Prior 6.3% Revised n/a PPI Ex Food & Energy YoY (Jan) Survey 2.2% Actual 2.3% ...Read More

2008-02-19 US Economic Releases

NAHB Housing Market Index (Feb) Survey 19 Actual 20 Prior 19 Revised – Still a possible bottom forming. Coming out later today.. ABC Consumer Confidence (Feb 17) Survey -37 Actual — Prior -37 Revised — [comments] ...Read More

2008-02-05 US Economic Releases

ISM Non-Manufacturing Composite (Jan) Survey 52.5 Actual 44.6 Prior 53.2 Revised n/a ISM Non-Manufacturing Business (Jan) Survey 53.0 Actual 41.9 Prior 53.9 Revised 54.4 These are the types of numbers you get after something like Katrina or 911. Either the economy hit the wall suddenly in January or there is some kind ...Read More

2008-01-29 US Economic Releases

Durable Goods Orders Total (Dec) Survey n/a Actual 226,601 Prior 215,433 Revised n/a Durables Ex Transportation Total (Dec) Survey n/a Actual 155,206 Prior 151,303 Revised n/a Durable Goods YoY % Change Survey n/a Actual 5.0% Prior -0.6% Revised n/a Doesn’t look much like recession to me. November revised up to where last ...Read More

2008-01-22 US Economic Releases

FOMC Inter-meeting Rate Cut (Jan 22) Survey n/a Actual 3.50% Prior 4.25% Revised n/a The cut was fully priced in for next week, with a lesser probability for doing it today. The Fed is worried about ‘financial conditions’ and hopes to prevent them from spilling over into the real economy by doing, ...Read More