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US Treasury May Issue Debt With a Floating Interest Rate

Brilliant. Reminds me of Will Rogers. Think of all he’d have said if he’d understood MMT. US Treasury May Issue Debt With Floating Interest Rate By Jeff Cox October 24 (CNBC) — Dealers and traders have been approached recently with plans to issue a floating-rate note that for investors would provide an ...Read More

MMT proposals for the 99%

1. A full FICA suspension to end that highly regressive, punishing tax and restore sales, output, and jobs. 2. $150 billion in federal revenue sharing for the state goverments on a per capita basis to sustain essential services. 3. An $8/hr federally funded transition job for anyone willing and able to work ...Read More

GS US Views: OK for Now, But Slowdown Ahead (Hatzius)

As previously discussed, no double dip, but instead continued sequential quarter to quarter gdp growth with q4 possible better than q3 as well, helped by lower gasoline prices. The 8.5% federal budget deficit continues to provide fundamental nominal support for GDP and the domestic credit sectors are still too weak to subtract ...Read More

econ recap- Fed driven sell off

As previously suggested, the Fed doing anything would cause markets to believe it’s all going bad out there. However, the US economic news still looks like modest improvement, so I still suspect the reaction to the Fed will be temporary, and start wearing off around noon Eastern time today. q3 still looking ...Read More

ECB’s Stark: US Has an ‘Enormous’ Debt Problem

So much for Jeurgen’s legacy: US Has an ‘Enormous’ Debt Problem: ECB Official September 1 (CNBC) — A debt crisis is still gripping the developed world, European Central Bank policymaker Juergen Stark said, adding there was no alternative but for countries to take painful steps to consolidate their public finances. “The crisis ...Read More

nikkei and nasdaq(10 yr lag)

Their multi year budget surplus and subsequent crash was about 10 years ahead of ours. Glad we learned from their mistakes… Click here for larger graph ...Read More

Fitch Affirms US Triple-A Rating, Outlook Stable

Right answer, wrong reason. Whatever… Fitch Affirms US Triple-A Rating, Outlook Stable August 16 (Reuters) — Fitch Ratings said on Tuesday it affirmed the United States’ top-notch credit rating at Triple-A, giving the world’s largest economy a reprieve after it was downgraded by Standard & Poor’s little more than a week ago. ...Read More

Invade the USA

Welcome stumbleupon! This blog has information and ideas that can change the way you think about government deficits, unemployment and the growth of this nation. We offer a free book online called the Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds. You do not need an economics degree to read this! Our mandatory readings are also ...Read More

S&P decision is irrelevant | Bill Mitchell – billy blog

Well worth reading: S&P decision is irrelevant ...Read More

MMT to Moody’s- confirm US as AAA on ability to pay

This is an opening for Moody’s to gain a competitive advantage over S&P. Moody’s can announce that whereas any issuer of it’s own currency can always make nominal payment on a timely basis, ability to pay is absolute and beyond question for the US government. Therefore, when reviewing the US government’s credit ...Read More