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Paulson Plan

[Skip to the end] Let’s also remember that with a 30% corporate income tax, for example, government functionally owns 30% of all the corporate equity, listed and unlisted, large or small, etc. And if it wants more, for example, it can raise the tax. This is the ‘direct pipe’ and it can’t ...Read More

France/Germany headlines

[Skip to the end] (From Reuters) France to propose EU Rescue Plan for Banks 300 billion EUR EU Countries should contribute 3% of GDP to Plan Germany Completely disagrees with French Bank Rescue plan [top] ...Read More

Warren B turns 59 today!

[Skip to the end] [top] ...Read More


[Skip to the end] HR 124 At about 11am today when the doctors removed the heart wires, the heart immediately went into something called atrial fibulation, which is an elevated heart rate and irregular heart beat – different chambers of the heart not firing in the right order. This happens to approximately ...Read More

Seeking Alpha: Looming Financial Catastrophe: A Real Inconvenient Truth

[Skip to the end] view article jlbIII commented: I know I, for one, hate having to continually get int that time machine to ship all those cars and computers back to 1945 in order to support my reckless grandparents who wracked up such huge debts to pay for WWII. It’s only somewhat ...Read More

Heart surgery update

[Skip to the end] Hi Everyone!, This is Warren B’s daughter, the one in charge of the website. I want to let everyone know what’s going on, and why everything seems so delayed. As you may have read in the ‘Quick update‘ post, Mr Mosler had his heart cut out (a piece ...Read More

A stinging indictment of the financial sector

[Skip to the end] The financial sector facilitates private sector deficit spending that helps sustain output. Without it, the government has to increase its deficit spending to sustain output. Bottom line, all else equal, a less effective financial sector means lower taxes. [top] ...Read More

ME Merchandise

[Skip to the end] Visit the new online shop! ME Merchandise Everything is sold at cost minus labor. :) [top] ...Read More

AFP: Burning up more food for fuel

[Skip to the end] The monetary system will burn up the world’s food supply for fuel until the marginal individual about to starve to death has enough political influence to stop the process. I’m pretty sure that’s not the millionth one to die of starvation. And probably not the ten millionth. As ...Read More

Business Weekly: Salary offers move higher

Overall starting salaries for 2008 graduates post a 7.1% increase, according to a quarterly report, in spite of the slowdown by Sara Hennessey Despite the weak state of the economy and the large number of businesses being forced to make cuts and lay off employees, it seems recent hires can expect to ...Read More