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From Calculated Risk: Right now Random Lengths prices are down about 11% from a year ago, and CME futures are down around 25% year-over-year. Stll positive but more recent numbers coming in worse than expected: Great Britain : PMI Construction Highlights Business activity in UK construction slowed unexpectedly quickly last month. At ...Read More

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In case anyone thinks currency depreciation and tax hikes were the path to domestic bliss: Japan : Retail Sales Highlights Retail sales plummeted a greater than expected 9.7 percent from a year ago. This was the third consecutive month sales declined. March’s result marks a fresh historic low in the data. The ...Read More

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Moving up some but still relatively low, but as previously discussed, this is about people losing jobs, not new hires: Jobless Claims And yet another lower than expected release: Housing Starts Just anecdotal evidence of what happens as the euro is pushed down by CB portfolio selling to ‘equate supply and demand’ ...Read More

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First this, supporting what I’ve been writing about all along: Here’s Proof That Congress Has Been Dragging Down The Economy For Years By Shane Ferro Oct 8 (Business Insider) — In honor of the new fiscal year, the Brookings Institution released the Fiscal Impact Measure, an interactive chart by senior fellow Louise ...Read More

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Debunking George Osborne’s ‘recovery’ in four charts ...Read More

UK ‘money creation’ dialogue

Seems to me it must be a nation of counterfeiters for the UK govt from inception to get its funds from the people… Not that the author isn’t also confused by the ‘money creation dynamics.’ It’s Official: There Is a Money Tree “…Cameron echoed his predecessor Margaret Thatcher, who in October, 1983 ...Read More

My story of the Thatcher era

Here’s how I remember it all. I didn’t look anything up, with the idea that memories matter. The ‘golden age’ from WWII was said to have ended around 1973. Inflation and employment was remembered as relatively low, productivity high, the American middle class thriving. Why? Keynes was sort of followed. The Kennedy ...Read More

Brits May Have to Work Until 75, Thanks to China

Stupid taken to new heights. Retirement is about no longer producing real goods and services and instead living off of the real output of others, incuding China’s exports to you. The only way this could make any sense is if China somehow was going to force the UK to net export at ...Read More

UK Recovery

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UK Daily | U.K. Jobs Grow Fastest in Almost 2 Years

If they just wouldn’t add to the austerity measures the deficit is plenty high enough for a reasonable recovery, albeit from unconscionably low levels caused by their fiscal policies. UK Headlines: Bank of England Leaves Interest Rate Unchanged at 0.5 Percent U.K. Fourth-Quarter Construction Increases More Than Estimated Carney Plays Down Talk ...Read More