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more on the cliff

Stocks down again yesterday but interestingly bond yields up a tad, dollar down a tad, oil and metals up, and even long BMA ratios holding steady, etc. The cliff isn’t nearly as large and threatening as the debt ceiling cliff would have been in 2011 if that thing hadn’t been extended, and ...Read More

Whitney Tilson: ‘I Love the Fiscal Cliff’

A bit of equal time for the Democrats, as they join forces with the Republicans to hike unemployment and lower GDP, with all forecasters in agreement. But I do thinks markets and the economy have already discounted at least most of it: Whitney Tilson: ‘I Love the Fiscal Cliff’ By Bruno J. ...Read More

USVI Election results

Unfortunately, looks like a clear case of election fraud. These results were nowhere near the surveys I saw and I got less than half the votes as last time even as it was clear a lot more people were voting for me and the anti incumbent atmosphere was intense. And as the ...Read More

USVI election update

I was told a recent poll of 300 showed: Democrat incumbent: 48% Warren Mosler Independent MMT candidate: 42% Total others- Republican, Green, Indenpendt: 10% And ‘momentum’ moving my way as my % has been continually rising. Down here you need to get 50%+ to win, anything less triggers a runoff, where I’d ...Read More

FedEx Says Economy Is Worsening, Cuts Outlook

Not a bad indicator. Might be we’re already starting to go over the fiscal cliff. Probably a lot of contracts delayed pending congressional approval. And the anticipation of higher taxes and lower demand doesn’t help either. Fortunately for Obama, Romney’s moved the debate away from the economy. Good news down here is ...Read More

Ryan and Greenspan on Social Security

If any of you know Mr. Ryan kindly remind him of this exchange, thanks: PAUL RYAN: “Do you believe that personal retirement accounts can help us achieve solvency for the system and make those future retiree benefits more secure?” ALAN GREENSPAN: “Well, I wouldn’t say that the pay-as-you-go benefits are insecure, in ...Read More

Republicans Eye Return to Gold Standard

Just when you think it can’t get any worse: Republicans Eye Return to Gold Standard By Robin Harding and Anna Fifield August 23 (FT) — The gold standard has returned to mainstream U.S. politics for the first time in 30 years, with a “gold commission” set to become part of official Republican ...Read More

My comments on my Jan 2003 ten year outlook

>    >    Posted By Warren Mosler on January 15, 2003 at 13:04:00: >    >   Here’s what’s being set up. >    >   1. Bush tax stuff is way too small to turn the economy. >    >   2. Over the next 24 months the economy weakens as the deficit grinds its way to the usual >   5% of ...Read More

Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll

This is worth keeping an eye on as it was pretty much the only poll that had Romney in the lead pre Ryan, and now has Obama in the lead post Ryan. It’s the shift I find interesting. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll ...Read More

Romney Says Paul Ryan to Be His Republican Running Mate

A very hard right turn. The right doesn’t like Romney, but would have voted for him any way just to thwart Obama. And, if anything, the right sees this as a Ryan ‘sell out’ which he’ll strive to show otherwise, hardening his positions on ‘fiscal responsibility’ and the rest. What this does ...Read More