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How about Congress passes the debt ceiling but not the continuing resolution?

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Shutdown- this time it’s very different

The negatives: Profit growth already low and slowing Car sales rolled over in September New home sales already rolled over Housing starts flattened Personal income anemic, and distribution issues further softening demand 800,000 federal workers not getting paid 0 rate policy/QE is a deflationary bias Pro active austerity already initiated Federal deficit ...Read More


HOUSE REPUBLICANS LINE UP FOR FREE ANNUAL PHYSICALS BEFORE DEFUNDING OBAMACARE By Andy Borowitz September 20 — Saying that they needed to be in peak physical condition for their looming effort to defund Obamacare, over a hundred House Republicans lined up for their free annual physicals today. The physicals, part of Congress’s ...Read More

Debt ceiling

Remember, unlike just a tax hike or spending cut, hitting the debt ceiling means going cold turkey to a balanced budget, which is catastrophic as it eliminates the automatic stabilizers and triggers a downward spiral that, if left to continue, could take maybe 25% off of GDP in 90 days, and still ...Read More

Obama the ‘socialist’…

Best Times for the 1 Percent Since 1920s By Paul Wiseman September 11 (AP) — The richest Americans were hit hard by the financial crisis. Their incomes fell more than 36 percent in the Great Recession of 2007-09 as stock prices plummeted. Incomes for the bottom 99 percent fell just 11.6 percent, ...Read More

Labor Day Poster from 1956

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EU Said to Draft Gazprom Complaint as Putin Prepares G-20 Talks

And if you recall from a write up a few years back Russia promised not to take advantage like this. Who would’ve thought? In any case it’s bad real terms of trade for euro zone gas buyers, but helps exports of whatever Russia buys with the inflated euro revenues, with export prices ...Read More

With friends like this who needs enemies…

Right on top of the wall of shame: A message from Larry Kotlikoff Dear Fellow Economists, I write to ask you to join 11 Nobel Laureates in Economics, other leading economists, and former government officials in endorsing the INFORM ACT (Intergenerational Financial Obligations Reform Act) at www.theINFORMact.org. The bill was introduced on ...Read More

51 Dead, 435 Hurt in Clashes Near Pro-Morsi Sit-in

As feared, Egypt is turning into Somalia, and the rest of the world is heading in the same direction 51 Dead, 435 Hurt in Clashes Near Pro-Morsi Sit-in July 8 (NBC) — At least 51 people were killed and 435 injured in clashes early Monday near the Republican Guard headquarters in the ...Read More

campaign finance reform

Excellent!!!!! New Campaign Finance Proposal Splits Donations among Candidates By Brandon Fallon ...Read More