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the macro cons

Skipping the pros and focusing on the cons regarding the economy: 1. 0 rates (including QE) continue to be a highly deflationary bias that require deficits to be that much higher. 2. The FICA hike’s a serious setback that reduces growth from 3 or 4% to 1.5 or 2.5% or less. 3. ...Read More

GE to 3M Pension Pain Mounts as Rates Boost Liabilities

Feel free to forward to your local Fed President, to remind them that rate cuts do remove income from savers and from the economy in general, as the economy is a net saver to the tune of the cumulative govt debt (to the penny). (And not to forget the $80 billion or ...Read More

PI: Pension bill regarding commodities watered down

[Skip to the end] Looks like they buckled quickly to get the rest of the bill through ASAP. Pension fund provisions out of House bill by Doug Halonen A bill in the House Agriculture Committee that would deal with commodity speculation was dramatically revised today to delete provisions in a previous draft ...Read More