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More evidence the capital spending contraction is not over: CEO Confidence Goes From Bad to Worse Dec 1 (Fox Business) — CEO confidence in the U.S. economy is dwindling. The Business Roundtable CEO Economic Outlook Index for the 4Q, which looks out six months, fell to the lowest level in three years ...Read More

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While demand for Saudi crude is up a bit, seems it’s still far below their presumed 12 million or so bpd capacity, and their strategy has been to lower their prices to the point where they are selling their full capacity: Nice bounce here, as the year over year comparisons get ‘easier’: ...Read More

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Just came out. Saudis still producing and selling far below their stated ‘cap’: OPEC November Crude Output Down 33,000 Bbl/Day to 32.121 Mln 2015-11-30 17:55:55.463 GMT New York, Nov. 30 (Bloomberg) — Crude-oil production from the 12 OPEC members in November declined 33,000 barrels a day from October, the latest Bloomberg survey ...Read More

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Still negative. This is just a composite of other indexes that have been released: Chicago Fed National Activity Index Highlights October was a soft month for the economy but solidly improved from September, based on the national activity index which is at minus 0.04 vs September’s revised minus 0.29. October’s improvement is ...Read More

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So much for housing leading the way up- looks to have gone from flat to down: MBA Mortgage Applications For the most part Saudis have been lowering premiums and increasing discounts which causes prices to fall to get their sales up to their pumping capacity: Not without a bit of pain, which ...Read More

Saudi statement, NFIB detail

This means they continue with their discount policy until their entire output capacity is being sold, and then continue to sell their full output capacity at ‘market prices’. That is, they no longer want the high priced producers to benefit from their willingness to to be swing producer and support prices by ...Read More

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If the Saudis are looking to pump more seems they have to continue to lower prices: Sure looks like housing still can’t get out of its own way: MBA Mortgage Applications Highlights Mortgage applications are settling down after spiking and dipping sharply in volatility tied to new disclosure rules put in place ...Read More

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So when the Saudis widened their discounts on October 5 it looked to me like they were inducing a downward price spiral that would continue until either they altered pricing or their output increased to full capacity so they couldn’t sell any more at those discounts. So far neither has happened: Fundamentally ...Read More

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No letup yet as Saudi discounts continue: My RT interview on the price of oil here. Seems suddenly everyone is missing on revenues? Total sales (less inventory draw down)= GDP AT&T warns of revenue miss in Q3 ...Read More

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CPI, Empire State Survey, Philly Fed, Brent Crude Price, Previous Banking Post Consumer Price Index Empire State Mfg Survey Highlights Minus signs sweep the Empire State report with the headline at minus 11.36 which is more than 1 point below Econoday’s low end estimate. Looking at individual readings, new orders are in ...Read More