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Japan rate update, Empire manufacturing

‘The market’ sure doesn’t seem to think rates in Japan are going up after decades of 0 rates: This survey just turned radically: New York state manufacturing index lowest in two years: NY Fed Dec 15 (Reuters) — Manufacturing activity in New York state contracted for the first time in nearly two ...Read More

Japan’s ‘bad inflation’

The Next Stage of Abenomics Is Coming – Shinzo Abe (WSJ) My highest priority as Japan’s prime minister remains the economy… Make no mistake, Japan will emerge from economic contraction and advance into new fields and engage in fresh challenges…Some have said that Japan’s structural reforms—what I call the “third arrow” of ...Read More

Japan- currency depreciation policy ‘bad’ inflation for households, good for exporters

Japan’s household spending falls 3.0% in June July 29 (Kyodo) — Average Japanese monthly household spending fell a price-adjusted 3.0 percent in June from a year earlier to 272,791 yen. The average monthly income of salaried households came to 710,375 yen, down 6.6 percent in real terms. Household spending rose 1.5 percent ...Read More

Abenomics= ‘bad’ inflation

Squeaking By on Abenomics By Joseph Sternberg July 2 (WSJ) — Preliminary data show cash earnings, including bonuses, rising by 0.8% year-on-year in May. Base pay increased 0.2%, its first rise in around two years. This looks like the “wage surprise” Japanese workers’ purchasing power fell another 3.6% year-on-year in May, after ...Read More

Abenomics Spurs Most Misery Since ’81 as Senior Scrimps

As previously discussed, it’s a case of ‘bad inflation’… Abenomics Spurs Most Misery Since ’81 as Senior Scrimps By Isabel Reynolds and Chikako Mogi June 6 (Bloomberg) — Mieko Tatsunami finds Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s drive to reflate Japan’s economy hard to digest. “The price of everything we eat on a daily ...Read More

Remember all the talk about the deficit causing rates to go up in Japan?

Full size image ...Read More

Currency depreciation not necessarily the silver bullet

BOJ Survey Shows Consumer Sentiment Worsen As Energy Prices Rise October 2 (Dow Jones) — A Bank of Japan survey showed Wednesday that consumer sentiment worsened for the first time in three quarters as a rise in energy prices amid a lack of major wage increases negatively affected their views on the ...Read More

Japan Exports Rise Most Since ’10 in Boost for Abe Effort – Bloomberg

Not helping US domestic demand… Japan Export Gains Offer Growth Momentum as Sales-Tax Rise Looms By Andy Sharp & Toru Fujioka September 19 (Bloomberg) — Japan’s exports rose the most since 2010 in August, boosting Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s growth drive even as rising energy costs extended the streak of trade deficits ...Read More

Consumption tax hike to make or break Abe’s reform plan

Seriously! :( Here’s what could make or break Abe’s reform plan By Dhara Ranasinghe July 22 (Bloomberg) — If Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, riding high on Sunday’s election victory for his ruling coalition, is serious about transforming the economy, it’s crucial that he pushes ahead with plans to raise a controversial ...Read More

Japan Nears Switching on Reactors After Tepco’s Meltdown: Energy

Very yen friendly! Japan Nears Switching on Reactors After Tepco’s Meltdown: Energy By Jacob Adelman & Yuji Okada July 3 (Bloomberg) — A countdown is starting in Japan for restarting some of the 48 nuclear reactors that were idled after the 2011 Fukushima meltdowns caused the worst atomic accident since Chernobyl. The ...Read More