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As previously discussed, trade deficit increasing: United States : International trade in goods Definition The Census Bureau is now publishing an advance report on U.S. international trade in goods. The BEA will incorporate these data into its estimates of exports and imports for the advance GDP estimates. This is expected to reduce ...Read More

India Fiscal Position Weak as Elections Approach, Moody’s Says

With official unemployment around 9%? Unfortunately they listen to this nonsense and you can see the results :( India Fiscal Position Weak as Polls Approach, Moody’s Says ...Read More

Indian Firms Risk Dollar Debt Default as Rupee Slides

Another region with a private sector dollar short to worry about. Seems the world is short dollars and euro? Indian Firms Risk Dollar Debt Default as Rupee Slides By James Fontanella-Khan November 29 (FT) — Dozens of Indian companies are coming under financial stress after the sharp fall of the rupee against ...Read More

India Should Rely on Lower Rates to Stimulate Growth, OECD Says

[Skip to the end] India Should Rely on Lower Rates to Stimulate Growth, OECD Says by Kartik Goyal June 24 (Bloomberg) — India should cut interest rates rather than boost government spending if further measures are needed to stimulate growth, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said. They need to read ...Read More

BRICs Add $60 Billion Reserves as Zhou Derides Dollar

[Skip to the end] They don’t like to buy dollars but they don’t want their currencies to appreciate and risk export market share. And Bernanke, Geithner, and Obama want them to let their currencies appreciate to help our exports and ALSO want them to buy dollars and treasury securities because they think ...Read More

Singh’s ‘Game Changer’ Win to Unlock India Economy; Shares Soar

[Skip to the end] Make room for another billion consumers increasing their resource consumption: India Stocks, Rupee, Bonds Surge on Congress Win; Shares Halted by Pooja Thakur May 18 (Bloomberg) — India’s benchmark stock index jumped a record 17 percent, bonds rose and the rupee gained the most in two decades after ...Read More

India doing OK?

[Skip to the end] Yes, if they keep up that much criticized deficit spending. And the new regional ’employer of last resort’ program helps as well. Indian Economy to Grow About 7% This Fiscal Year by Kartik Goyal Jan 8 (Bloomberg) — India’s economy will grow about 7 percent in the 12 ...Read More