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Continues to decelerate from the tariffs, and this is before the virus: Also decelerating before the virus: Before the virus, the downtrend is obvious as it remains below 50: Exports and imports both slowing as global trade continues to wind down: GDP forecast to decelerate, before the virus: Unsold inventory piling up: ...Read More

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Both imports and exports falling as per the global trade collapse. Falling imports are also an indication of consumer weakness: New orders heading south with tariffs: Familiar pattern: Fire related maybe: Australia Construction PMI Contracts Further The Ai Group Australian Performance of Construction Index declined to 38.9 in December 2019 from 40 ...Read More

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The global slow motion train wreck continues: Japan: Core machinery orders in Japan, which exclude those of ships and electrical equipment, declined 6.0 percent from a month earlier in October 2019, following a 2.9 percent fall in September and compared with market expectations of a 0.9 percent increase. It marked the longest ...Read More

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The private sector tends to be pro cyclical- tightening as the economy slows, thereby making it worse: ...Read More

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Tariffs have caused a global economy (that has a pro cyclical bias) to turn south. It’s always an unspent income story. When decisions to not spend income (decisions to ‘save’) are not sufficiently ‘offset’ by agents spending more than their incomes GDP (sales/income) decelerates until said deficit spending- private or public- expands ...Read More

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Just a partial recap of today’s releases as the tariff induced global trade collapse continues: ...Read More

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Japan Exports Fall for 8th Month Exports from Japan dropped 1.6 percent from a year earlier to JPY 6.64 trillion in July 2019, the eighth straight month of decrease and compared to market expectations of 2.2 percent fall, amid weakening global demand and the US-China trade dispute. An Economic Warning Sign: RV ...Read More

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Deep into global industrial contraction: Not that rate cuts are expansionary, of course, but that they think they are. As the barber quipped, ‘no matter how much I cut off, it’s still too short’ : Central Banks Across Asia Cut Interest Rates The Reserve Bank of India cut its benchmark repo rate ...Read More

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As previously discussed, exports are falling and imports climbing, with lots more to go: Highlights Trade looks to be a major negative that will be holding down fourth-quarter GDP. The advance trade deficit in goods widened sharply for a second straight month in November, to $65.3 billion following a revised $61.9 billion ...Read More