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Bloomberg: New-Home Sales in the U.S. Rose 3.3% to 526,000 Pace

Looking more like a bottom with every report. And most housing reports are ‘fighting’ some strong seasonals in the spring. by Shobhana Chandra (Bloomberg) New-home sales in the U.S. unexpectedly rose in April after readings for the prior month were revised down, signaling a worsening housing slump is still a threat to ...Read More

Homes in inventory

Homes in Inventory Looks like a lot of additional homes for sale hit the market all at once. ...Read More

OFHEO Home Price Index

[Skip to the end] OFHEO Home Price Index Yes, down a touch for the quarter, but overall looks like it’s flattened out but certainly not collapsed as headlines indicate. [top] ...Read More

AP: California home sales up big

Just annecdotal, but guaranteed that if they were down that much it would be all over the news: Home sales in California jump nearly 27 percent by Jordan Robertson SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) – Home sales in California jumped nearly 27 percent from March to April as bargain hunters found it easier ...Read More

Q&A for Warren B

[Skip to the end] Hi Warren, Do you think there is any chance that the Fed ever puts us into a steeply inverted curve, say something like 10% short rates with 6% long rates? Hard to imagine that happening with the housing market weak, but what do you think? Very high probability ...Read More

2008-05-16 EU Highlights

[Skip to the end] Only the rising euro has kept the ecb from hiking, so far. Highlights ECB’s Trichet Sees ‘Less Flattering’ Growth in Second Quarter ECB concern over liquidity scheme Trichet Says No Room to Relax in Inflation Fight ECB’s Mersch Says Current Rates Will Help Curb Inflation French First-Quarter Payrolls ...Read More

Existing home sales inventory and prices

Existing Homes Sales Inventory Median Home Sales Prices Looks to me like inventories are still working their way lower, and prices may be stabilizing as well. ...Read More

Associated Press: Forclosures FALL 4% in February

Note the fact that foreclosures went down a tad in February versus January is buried at the end of the article. Number of US homes facing foreclosure jumps nearly 60 percent in February by Alex Veiga (AP) Nearly 60 percent more U.S. homes faced foreclosure in February than in the same month ...Read More

CNBC: home buyers have an incentive to delay

You can save about 100 bps by waiting for the extended limits for jumbos to kick in: Hurdles for Jumbo Borrowers by Jennifer Woods For starters, if you’re looking in certain high-cost metropolitan areas such as New York, Los Angeles, Boston or San Francisco, you may want to sit tight for a ...Read More

OER versus home prices

Unless home prices fall quite a bit more there will still be upward pressure on OER (owner equivalent rents), a major component of core CPI. ...Read More