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Continues to decelerate from the tariffs, and this is before the virus: Also decelerating before the virus: Before the virus, the downtrend is obvious as it remains below 50: Exports and imports both slowing as global trade continues to wind down: GDP forecast to decelerate, before the virus: Unsold inventory piling up: ...Read More

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Never seen so many charts that look pretty much like this: Much harder to get this cycle means that unemployment and benefits as defined are lower than otherwise, and that the counter cyclical stabilizing effect has been disabled: Most Unemployed People In 2018 Did Not Apply For Unemployment Insurance Benefits from the ...Read More

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Someone else agrees with me about the tariffs and the global trade collapse: CNBC: The trade war is weighing ‘like a big, dark cloud’ on the global economy, says Christine Lagarde. And this would function like a tax increase: Bloomberg: President Trump Doubles Down on Call for Negative Interest Rates. Today’s tariff ...Read More

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Light vehicle sales peaked a while back: Been helping to support the $US: Eurozone Retail Sales Fall Unexpectedly Retail trade in the Euro Area fell 0.3% in May, following a 0.1% drop in April and missing expectations of a 0.3% growth, as sales declined for all main categories. Among the bloc’s largest ...Read More

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Not looking good: German Factory Activity Continues to Contract in April The IHS Markit Germany Manufacturing PMI rose to 44.5 in April 2019 from the previous month’s near seven-year low of 44.1, but below market expectations of 45, a preliminary estimate showed. Still, the latest reading pointed to a sharp contraction in ...Read More

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Tax Reform Exacerbates Sales Cooldown in the U.S. (WSJ) U.S. tax reform has exacerbated a gradual cooldown in U.S. home sales over the past year in certain parts of the country, according to research from The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which went into effect on Jan. 1, 2018, allows homeowners ...Read More

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The tariff thing keeps taking its toll: China Nov car sales fall 14%, biggest drop since 2012 (Reuters) China’s automobile sales fell 13.9 percent in November from a year earlier. The drop in sales to 2.55 million vehicles, a fifth straight decline in monthly numbers. The last time sales fell by more ...Read More

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Nothing here to get the Fed concerned about inflation: Not good, less then expected and excluding autos, a ‘core reading’ even worse. Seems to me that perhaps the higher gas prices that caused the increases over the last couple of month’s have taken their toll on other spending. And at the macro ...Read More

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As previously suspected, last month’s higher print was just a bit of volatility on the way down, as per the chart: Chicago PMI Highlights Another month and another month of wild volatility for the Chicago PMI which lurched from solid expansion in January to noticeable contraction in February. At a headline 47.6, ...Read More

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Part of the Fed’s mandate is to hit it’s 2% inflation target: Still at recession type levels: This is also what recession looks like: The anointed ‘driver of the economy’ continues to falter as previously discussed: Housing Market Index Highlights The housing market index from the nation’s home builders shows weakness, at ...Read More