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stagflation there too Actual Forecast Previous 6:00am EUR CPI y/y (p) 3.2% 3.1% 3.1% 6:00am EUR Consumer Confidence -12 -10 -9 6:00am EUR Unemployment Rate 7.2% 7.1% 7.2% ♥ ...Read More

Poland cutting demand

This has been much the same for new members that previously had higher budget deficits. It firms the Euro and keeps unemployment higher than otherwise. [Before the euro, tight fiscal was ‘offset’ by the national CBs bought $ (I call that ‘off balance sheet deficit spending’) which supported employment and net export ...Read More

2008-01-18 EU Highlights

With the US Fed cutting aggressively, and now a reasonably large US fiscal package a near certainty, the mainstream will see increase in US demand as further support for world prices. They have no economic theory to support this. In fact, mainstream theory would more likely be inclined to call this policy ...Read More

2008-01-16 EU Highlights

Overall, inflation and weakness continues: European Inflation Holds Above 3% as Food Prices Soar German 2007 Inflation Fastest Since Records Began France: Inflation up to 2.3% in Q4 sunk real wages, spending ECB’s Weber Says Shouldn’t `Over-Dramatize’ Inflation Jump Europe’s Economies Face `Stagflation’ Risk This Year Weber Says ECB Won’t Tolerate Excessive ...Read More

2008-01-15 EU Highlights

EU Headlines: Same twin themes as the US, weakness and inflation: Spain Core Inflation Rises for Fifth Month on Food German Economic Growth Slowed as Sales Tax Increased German Investor Confidence Dropped to 15-Year Low French inflation at highest level since 2004 by Ben Sills (Bloomberg) In France, the euro region’s second-biggest ...Read More

2008-01-14 EU Highlights

European News Headlines: Europe Industrial Production Falls for Second Time in 3 Months Fed beggar they neighbor policy robbing some demand. European Bonds Gain on Speculation ECB Won’t Lift Interest Rate inflation on the rise Bonello Says Inflation May Slow to 2% by End of Year He also says this will happen ...Read More

2008-01-09 EU Highlights

Fed will take heat for conducting a weak $, beggar thy neighbor, inflate your way out of debt policy, as it will be seen US exports are robbing demand from eurozone, while price pressures rise, spreading stagflation around the world. Highlights: ♦ Europe’s Economic Expansion Exceeds Earlier Estimate ♦ German Output, Exports, ...Read More