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Architecture billings, Housing starts, Real estate loans

Still in contraction: One unit starts are up but not enough to make up for the dip yet: And housing remains historically depressed, and more so when factoring in population growth: And lending growth has turned negative: ...Read More

Retail sales, Industrial production

The lost sales are water under the bridge as current sales growth has declined and leveled off as federal support for lost personal income fades: Same pattern here- big dip, but only a partial recovery before leveling off: ...Read More

Consumer sentiment, restaurants, Oil consumption, Covid

An already weak economy seems to be turning south: Deaths lag new cases by several weeks= they are going a lot higher: ...Read More

Unemployment claims, Mtg purchase apps

Still over 700,000 new claims this long after the collapse: Still hasn’t recovered from the 2008 collapse: ...Read More

Employment, ADP, vehicle sales

Still down over 10 million jobs vs pre covid: The Cares Act expenditures are winding down… Private payroll recovery leveling off: Same pattern. Collapse, partial recovery, then sideways to down: ...Read More

GDP, jobless claims, pending home sales

Partial recovery but recent data shows growth stalling while a large gap (unemployment) persists as tariffs, covid, and no additional fiscal support continue: The gap initially closed relatively quickly, but progress has slowed: ...Read More

Durable goods, Covid, Gasoline supplied

Still trending lower: More testing AND the % positive is up as new cases and deaths, which lag new cases, increase: Weakening: ...Read More

New home sales, Chicago Fed survey, Lumber prices, US survey

Trump looks to be losing by a substantial margin at the moment, which means to me that there won’t be a fiscal adjustment before January’s new Congress, and without a sufficient majority in the Senate all initiatives may be blocked indefinitely. Most likely new home sales at best return to their pre ...Read More

Mtg purchase apps, Housing starts, Small business jobs

Becoming clear housing isn’t doing all that well: ...Read More

Vehicle sales, Retail sales, Industrial production

Monthly sales rates peaked in 2016 when oil capex collapsed, then leveled off, then started sliding again with the tariffs, then collapsed with the covid shock, and have nearly recovered to the lower levels: As with vehicles, the rate of monthly sales has recovered to prior levels, but sales lost during the ...Read More