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Obama administration approved wider exports of liquefied natural gas

Interesting! US Energy Revolution Gathers Pace By Ed Crooks, Jonathan Soble and Guy Chazan May 18 (FT) — The growing role of the U.S. in world energy markets was underlined on Friday as the Obama administration approved wider exports of liquefied natural gas and international companies committed billions of dollars for new ...Read More

gasoline and nat gas prices

Falling gas prices were helping some after hurting some, but now they’re just steadying around Q4 type levels: Full size image Meanwhile, take a look at nat gas prices. And allowing exports can cause them to climb to double digit world prices: Full size image ...Read More

Saudi output

Saudi’s remain comfortably in control of price: Full size image ...Read More

Overall view of the economy

This is my overall view of the economy. The US was on the move by Q4 last year. A housing and cars (and student loans) driven expansion was happening, with slowing transfer payments and rising tax revenues bringing the deficit down as the automatic stabilizers were doing their countercyclical thing that would ...Read More


When Central Banks buy it, the price tends to go up, and when they sell it, the price tends to go back towards marginal cost of production. Talk of Cypress being forced to sell stokes fears of Greece doing same, and of course when EU policy turns biased towards selling its doubtful ...Read More

thatcher & oil

Well worth a read! >    >   (email exchange) >    >   On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 7:02 PM, James wrote: >    >   Paper attached, I cleaned it up some and added a few lines on shale oil that I had intended >   to write. Its not what I would consider a finished product, but its so ...Read More

comments on a line from a confidential report from Karim

Comments and ramblings: “Strong multiplier effects from construction jobs to broader economy.” Good report!!! I used to call this the ‘get a job, buy a car, get a job buy a house’ accelerator. And yes, it has happened in past business cycles and been a strong driver. But going back to the ...Read More

Global growth and US oil and product imports

A while back I’d written about how the global economy had become leveraged to net exports to the US, which has turned out to be the case. And now with US imports of crude and products falling, another leg of this process seems to be underway, and in a world where no ...Read More

My story of the Thatcher era

Here’s how I remember it all. I didn’t look anything up, with the idea that memories matter. The ‘golden age’ from WWII was said to have ended around 1973. Inflation and employment was remembered as relatively low, productivity high, the American middle class thriving. Why? Keynes was sort of followed. The Kennedy ...Read More

saudis remain comfortably in control of price

...Read More