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Repeat After Me: Banks Cannot And Do Not “Lend Out” Reserves By Paul Sheard ...Read More

Bank earnings as a demand leakage

All unspent income is called a ‘demand leakage’ as it means the output can’t get sold unless another agent spends more than his income. (by identity, not ‘theory’) And unsold output leads to cuts in output, cuts in employment, etc. etc. and down you go until some agent spends enough more than ...Read More

JPM warned

Not to defend JPM, but my personal experience at my bank is that the current crop of regulators are a pack of shameless, malicious, arrogant lying dogs (even worse than IRS agents…) working entirely against public purpose by any possible measure, and all being documented by our board of directors… JPMorgan Caught ...Read More

So Why Should Banks be Allowed to be in the Wealth Management Business?

I see no public purpose served by allowing banks to be in the wealth management business? ...Read More

Federal Reserve Board Governor Daniel Tarullo worried about wholesale funding…

Please let him know the liability side of banking is not the place for market discipline, thanks: Fed’s Tarullo says focused on big bank reliance on wholesale funding April 18 (Reuters) — WASHINGTON – Federal Reserve Board Governor Daniel Tarullo said on Thursday that U.S. banks were in better shape now than ...Read More

BOJ Shockwave Leveling Rates Sends Banks to Dollar: Japan Credit

Bad for US banks if they are coming to compete in the US market again. This will cut into net interest margins. BOJ Shockwave Leveling Rates Sends Banks to Dollar: Japan Credit By Monami Yui & Emi Urabe April 16 (Bloomberg) — Shizuoka Bank Ltd. (8355) joined Japanese national lenders in expanding ...Read More

comments on a line from a confidential report from Karim

Comments and ramblings: “Strong multiplier effects from construction jobs to broader economy.” Good report!!! I used to call this the ‘get a job, buy a car, get a job buy a house’ accelerator. And yes, it has happened in past business cycles and been a strong driver. But going back to the ...Read More

Enterprise Bank Q1 2013 Investment Performance

A contract has been signed to sell Enterprise to First United of Boca. Closing looks like Q4 if all goes well. Attached is the performance recap since I started managing the portfolio. Note that there were no capital charges for the swaps used as hedges, and so the calculation returns would likely ...Read More

The Stockman’s big swinging whip

The Man from Snowy River By Banjo Paterson So Clancy rode to wheel them — he was racing on the wing Where the best and boldest riders take their place, And he raced his stock-horse past them, and he made the ranges ring With the stockwhip, as he met them face to ...Read More

Zurich video

...Read More