Federal Deficit below last year

The budget deficit is now looking too small to sustain growth, as evidenced by the incoming data over the last 6 months. The problem is, as always, unspent income- aka demand leakages- must be offset by agents spending more than their incomes or the output goes unsold. And collapsing GDP growth and rising inventory ratios are telling me that’s it’s been happening ever since the price of oil collapsed, ending the shale related capex, with nothing yet stepping up to fill that spending gap.

At the same time, the Federal govt is going the other way as, reducing the amount that it’s spending in excess of taxation. Additionally, with the current tax structure, if there is any pick up in growth from private sector credit expansion it will cause the federal deficit to further decline, which will require that much more private sector deficit spending to support growth. That’s why the tax structure and transfer payment structure are called ‘automatic fiscal stabilizers’. And, of course, if the economy does stall, the Fed will get the blame for ending QE and more recently allowing longer term rates to rise…

CBO: Fiscal 2015 Federal Deficit through May about 10% below Last Year