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  1. Edmund says:

    The only drugs that should be scheduled are those which pose a legitimate public health risk – like antibiotics, the misuse of which leads to drug resistant bacteria. Those should require a prescription for purchase and having them without a prescription should be subject to legal penalties.

    Barbiturates? Benzos? Amphetamines? Go for it. They should be available to anyone of age who wants them.


    Edmund Reply:


    For the record, this is a different Edmund than he who wrote messages above.


  2. perpetual neophyte says:

    Remembering that correlation is not causation…

    I’ve skipped most of the talk not related to crime, so apologies if it has been missed. I’ve been doing a lot of research on violent crime lately and found some stuff that was surprising to me or contradictory to my expectations. The graph on the decline in violent crime rates over the past five years in the 2011 FBI UCR was one of them:

    I was also surprised to find that the average homicide rate was lower over the past five years than it was for the 1960s (and way lower than the 1990s). Another good resource is here:

    Race (I would argue more precisely, socioeconomic segregation and the resulting culture) and violent crime is a very complicated and nuanced subject but it absolutely is a core component.


  3. MRW says:



    Are you planning on giving any talks in the US this year?



    no specific plans.


  4. Dave Begotka says:

    Warren your the only person i EVER worked for that required a drug test?

    Then the chimps you had running the show used it as a culling tool….lol


    Edmund Reply:

    @Dave Begotka,

    Do you mean they culled the people who were straight and went forward with candidates who *did* do drugs? Because that’d be way funnier.


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