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Quite the italian fan club on twitter ;)

Posted by WARREN MOSLER on December 24th, 2012

Alberto Bagnai here

3 Responses to “Quite the italian fan club on twitter ;)”

  1. Paolo Barnard Says:

    Dear Warren,

    I object, if I may, to this post for 2 reasons: A) Mr Bagnai, an insignificant economist, is truly a filthy character who, by the way, insulted you a lot worse than one can read here. It is an abomination that such a man has tenure at a university. I don’t think you should’ve given this idiot the honour of being noticed by you. Here in Italy Mr Bagnai showered me with abominable insults just because I propagate ME-MMT, but I never once replied to him. B) your post may give people the impression that you have this unpleasant following in Italy, when on the contrary you now have many thousands of enthusiastic supporters here, perhaps many more. P.



    thanks for this post, Paolo!
    puts it in perspective


  2. graziano Says:

    very ironic! Hope he appreciate it … :)


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