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prison chart

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Japan- Foreign countries have no right to lecture us

This confirming much of what’s been previous discussed. The remaining question whether there already has been direct intervention, as evidenced by rising fx reserves. Interestingly, with floating fx it’s operationally easy for Central Banks to offset each other’s intervention. For … Continue reading

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mike again

One adding mis speak but otherwise good stuff!

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WTI vs Brent

The days are numbered before WTI converges up to Brent. The discount is now less than $20. $110 WTI will take away competitive advantages of those now able to use Cushing oil, etc. Enterprise to expand Seaway pipeline to 850,000 … Continue reading

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China Budget Deficit Said Set to Expand 50% to $192 Billion

Ancient Chinese secret: China Budget Gap Said Set to Widen 50% to $192 Billion December 27 (Bloomberg) China plans to increase the budget deficit by 50 percent to 1.2 trillion yuan ($192 billion) in 2013, including the sale of 350 … Continue reading

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Fed QE extracts record interest income from the economy

And they call this ‘easing’… Stone & McCarthy (Princeton)–According to our estimates the Fed will earn nearly $90 bln in calendar year 2012. Of this amount about $87.5 bln will be repatriated to the Treasury, which represents a new record … Continue reading

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quick look ahead for the euro zone

After describing since inception how the euro zone was going to get to where it is, here’s my guess on what’s coming next.   First, to recap, it took them long enough and it got bad enough before they did … Continue reading

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yen tailspin?

When the nukes shut down Japan started imported a lot more oil etc. And their trade surplus started fading and yen became ‘easier to get’ internationally. Meanwhile, conditional funding in the euro zone worked to take away the euro evaporation … Continue reading

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Imports are a benefit, exports are a cost. Is it clear now?

remember this? Imports are a benefit, exports are a cost. Is it clear now? By Stephen Gordon

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Quite the italian fan club on twitter ;)

Alberto Bagnai here

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