Mosler for Congress update

I sent the following to my international audience looking to a return to prosperity
for all of us, which I now send along to you here in the USVI to keep you well informed!

(note that ‘closing the output gap’ means ‘eliminating unemployment’)

They have known me for a very long time and have been most supportive:

First let me thank all of you who have contributed, and have become part of what could quickly become much more than just another seat in Congress!!!

Donations have exceeded $25,000 and at only $25/minute for radio and TV adds the incremental spending has indeed made a difference- thanks again!

There are three weeks to go an any additional contributions will immediately be used to add to the advertising and promotional efforts.

When I ask our volunteers ‘out of ever 10 people they speak to in their neighborhoods, how many say they are voting for me’ they all say more than half!

Friday in St. Thomas while walking to a UVI event I heard a loud ‘Mosler!’ and looked over to see a patrol car with the window down and the officer looking at me. As soon as I turned his way he said ‘Everyone’s voting for you this time, you’re going to win you know!’

I’ve been in 5 ‘debates’ so far, with the candidates on a panel taking questions from a moderator. I’ve just focused on what I’m going to do about each issue, both for the national economy and the USVI economy, while the other candidates have had no specific agenda apart from promising to work hard (and taking cheap shots at each other, of course!)

More and more the audiences seem to be responding with ‘your the only one who knows what to do’. And the ‘anti incumbent’ feeling in general is actually alarmingly high as conditions here continue to deteriorate. Our cost of electricity, for example, just went up to over 50 cents/kw, while government salaries that were already half the national average were cut 8%, with thousands of lost jobs due to the closing of the Hovensa refinery here on St. Croix and widespread government layoffs of nurses and teachers in an already grossly under served community.

I assure you that if I get in Washington will soon be aware of the hurricane that’s come up from the USVI. The Fed chairman will suddenly face ‘innocent’ questions of profound magnitude, such as, ‘Isn’t true that a $trillion deficit adds exactly that much to global dollar net savings, and not a penny less or a penny more, or these two gentlemen next to me from the CBO would have stay late at work looking for their arithmetic mistake?’ ‘Isn’t it true, that by your own regulatory standards, loans to the ECB collateralized with euro deposits would be classified as unsecured loans?’ ‘Given that you do the actual spending on behalf of Congress simply by crediting accounts, and therefore ability to pay, insolvency, and prior funding for Congress, unlike for Greece, is never an issue, and, again unlike Greece, for all practical purposes the Fed sets US interest rates by voting and not the market, what then, is the short term or long term risk posed by deficit spending? And many more. And with all of these questions serving the agendas of various members of Congress there is every incentive for them to be asked. And not to mention testimony and discussions on banking, budgets, and trade. Looking forward to gettng the job done/close the output gap!!!

If any of you want to contribute to ‘THE CAUSE’ remember the limit is $2,500 per person and checks can be made out to ‘Mosler For Congress 2012’.

You can also click here or paypay and further information.

All the best!!!