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Stephanie Kelton interview

Interview by Harry Shearer, looks like someone at NPR is willing to buck the party line:

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The 10th plague brought an end to solvency issues, but not yet output issues

Interesting how Germany gravitating to negative growth came at about the same time Draghi announced the ECB will ‘do whatever it takes’ With the ECB now taking national govt insolvency off the table, and member nation rates coming down accordingly, … Continue reading

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Amazon to publish Soft Currency Economics II

Should be available by this weekend.

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U.K. Economy Surges 1% as Britain Exits Double-Dip Recession

Deficit finally large enough for a bit of stability and growth? U.K. Economy Surges 1% as Britain Exits Double-Dip Recession By Scott Hamilton and Jennifer Ryan October 25 (Bloomberg) — Britain exited a double-dip recession in the third quarter with … Continue reading

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CEOs Call for Deficit Action

So much for the legacy of corporate America: CEOs Call for Deficit Action By David Wessel October 25 (WSJ) — Chief executives of more than 80 big-name U.S. corporations, from AetnaInc. to Weyerhaeuser Co., are banding together to pressure Congress … Continue reading

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Does a central bank need equity?

Just when you thought they were trying to get the yen lower… ;) It’s still the blind leading the blind, globally. Does a central bank need equity? Views are split on how much importance to attach to a central bank’s … Continue reading

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Bretton Woods Transcripts

Publication details The Bretton Woods Transcripts Edited by Kurt Schuler and Andrew Rosenberg New York: Center for Financial Stability, 2012 About 800 pages (400,000 words) Release date: October 24, 2012 Price: $9.00 (e-book) ISBN-13: 9781941801000 Book Website Amazon Link Summary: … Continue reading

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Australia cuts spending to preserve surplus as mining boom slows

:( Australia cuts spending to preserve surplus as mining boom slows October 22 (Reuters) — Australia’s government announced A$16.4 billion ($17 billion) in new savings and tax measures over four years on Monday to protect a wafer-thin budget surplus for … Continue reading

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Rimini interview

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Forbes article: No, the US will not go into a debt crisis, not now, not ever

>    >   (email exchange) >    >   On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 1:09 PM, wrote: >    >   Author is self-described conservative. >    No, The United States Will Not Go Into A Debt Crisis, Not Now, Not Ever By Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry October 19 (Forbes) … Continue reading

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