Bad headline day for eurozone

Euro-Area Construction Declines for Third Month Led by Germany
Bundesbank Says Euro Nations Must Set Aside Growth Concerns
Merkel Gives Spain No Respite, Says Debt Cuts Key to Yields
Germany wants IMF funding raised to $1 trillion
IMF Lowers Additional Funds Target To $400bn-Plus: Lagarde
Spain weighs financing options
Spain Reduces Flexibility of Labor Reform, Expansion Reports
Bank of Spain Questions Budget Forecasts, Calls for Prudence
Spain Is Back in Recession, Central Banker Warns
Spanish Banks to Set Aside $71 Billion for Real Estate Cleanup
IMF’s Lagarde Sees Scope for ECB Monetary Easing, FAZ Reports
IMF sees Italy missing budget deficit targets
Italy Probably Shrank 0.7% in First Quarter, Bank of Italy Says

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3 Responses to Bad headline day for eurozone

  1. SteveK9 says:

    Eventually the unemployed in Spain will find new employment … rioting in the streets.


    Unforgiven Reply:


    Yep. Job Guarantee or Mob Guarantee.


  2. Adam1 says:

    Here’s one more,

    “Spain’s corporate loans go ballistic in line with ballooning unemployment”


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