Daily Archive: Thursday, November 17, 2011

DJ Fed’s Bullard: Notion Of ECB Riding To European Rescue Unlikely -CNBC

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My big fat Greek MMT exit strategy

Due to popular demand, I’ve begun outlining a Greek exit strategy to exit the euro currency, and instead use its own new currency to provision itself: 1. The Greek government would announce that it will begin taxing exclusively in the new currency. 2. The Greek government would announce that it will make ...Read More

Signs of Disinflation (Hatzius)

And this Fed fears deflation a lot more than inflation: We see signs that the upside inflation surprises of 2011 have ended. Our new statistical summary of the price components of business surveys such as the ISM, Philly Fed, and NFIB points to decelerating inflation. In addition, our unweighted CPI diffusion index, ...Read More

(RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus on the deficit

With the Republicans now willing to hike taxes out of fear of becoming the next Greece, the odds of the super committee going super big are increasing. “America has crossed an unthinkable threshold: our national debt now exceeds $15 trillion dollars. That’s more than $48,000 per citizen,” Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman ...Read More