ECB and Euro zone on Greek debt haircuts

So how do you reconcile these two releases?

How about, they want the market to price in large haircuts so the ECB can buy the bonds that much cheaper?

Just guessing!

ECB Says Private-Sector Involvement in Rescues is Stability Risk

By Jeff Black

October 13 (Bloomberg) — The ECB said the involvement of the private sector in euro-area bailouts through enforced investor losses is a risk to financial stability and would have “direct negative effects” on the banking sector. While private-sector involvement “is certain to place significant stress on the solvency of banks and other private financial institutions in the country concerned, it will also have an impact on the balance sheets of banks in other euro-area countries,” the bank said in its monthly bulletin today. “The ECB has strongly advised against all concepts that are not purely voluntary or that have elements of compulsion, and has called for the avoidance of any credit events and selective default or default.”

Europe eyes bigger Greek losses for banks

By Jan Strupczewski

October 12 (Reuters) — Euro zone countries will ask banks to accept losses of up to 50 percent on their holdings of Greek debt. Ahead of a make-or-break summit of European leaders on October 23 at which a comprehensive new Franco-German crisis plan is expected to be discussed, four euro zone officials told Reuters that a “haircut” of between 30 and 50 percent for Greece’s private creditors was under consideration. That is far more than the 21 percent loss they had asked banks, pension funds and other financial institutions to accept in July as part of a second rescue package for Athens.