Daily Archive: Thursday, October 13, 2011

ECB and Euro zone on Greek debt haircuts

So how do you reconcile these two releases? How about, they want the market to price in large haircuts so the ECB can buy the bonds that much cheaper? Just guessing! ECB Says Private-Sector Involvement in Rescues is Stability Risk By Jeff Black October 13 (Bloomberg) — The ECB said the involvement ...Read More

Cain Beats Romney as GOP Frontrunner for Primary

Shows how quick Republicans are to ‘step up’ from Romney. Shows there’s a lot more than racism working against President Obama. And shows translating Tea Party rhetoric into logically consistent policy proposals is highly problematic at best. With Cain leading, his 999 proposal is suddenly getting more serious media attention, and getting ...Read More

Proposals for the lingering housing crisis

1. US Regulators can make it illegal for their banks, housing agencies, and other publicly supported entities to refuse to refi on the basis of appraisals and income. Those loans were made, and priced, with the understanding that when long rates fall they get refinanced at the lower rates. 2. A rent ...Read More