Nightmare on Main Street: Krueger – more financial regression from the Obama administration

The Obama administration continues on the path of financial regression with the addition of Alan Krueger (no relation to Freddy?).

Note below, how he favors the govt making the tough choice of hitting the poor harder than the rich with his proposed tax.

I have yet to see anything even remotely progressive from this administration, which has somehow managed to retain it’s ‘socialist’ label.

Factbox: Obama picks labor economist as top aide

Krueger argued in the New York Times in January 2009 for a 5 percent consumption tax, to take effect in 2011. he said this would boost revenues by $500 billion a year once it kicked in, and would spur spending in the meantime as consumers race to make their purchases before the tax was implemented. He warned it might dull economic activity, and could hit the poor harder because they spend a relatively higher share of their income than the rich. But he also noted that government was all about making tough choices and once the budget position had improved, thanks to the higher revenues, the impact of the tax could be offset by reforms to corporate and income taxes.