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Bloomberg TV Interview

From Bloomberg: “…the possibility of Geithner resigning is dominating our coverage tomorrow, and I’d hate for you to get shorted your appropriate time. Would it be possible to reschedule for Tuesday? We really think you have a great story, and would love to share it with our audience.” ...Read More

Warren on BB TV tomorrow at 0614

>    >   Warren will be interviewed on Bloomberg TV by Erik Schatzker tomorrow at 0614 on his new >   refinancing plan for Greece >    ...Read More

The Mosler Plan for Greece

The Mosler Plan, as previously posted on this website, is now making the rounds in Europe as an alternative to the French Plan that is currently under serious consideration: Abstract The following is an outline for a proposed new Greek government bond issue to provide all required medium term euro funding for ...Read More

Global indicators not so good this am

The hope is that the entire soft spot is a temporary consequence of the earthquake, and that China holds together, and that global austerity isn’t sufficient to slow overall growth: Headlines: Bank of England warns against quick fix to crisis (AP) U.K. Services Drop Most Since January 2010 on Extra Holiday (Bloomberg) ...Read More

mtg apps dip

How does that go again about low rates helping housing? Mortgage Applications Dipped Last Week June 29 (Reuters) — Applications for U.S. home mortgages slipped last week as demand waned, even as mortgage rates dropped, an industry group said Wednesday. The Mortgage Bankers Association said its seasonally adjusted index of mortgage application ...Read More

DJ OPEC Secretary General: Sees No Good Reason For IEA Oil

Looks like some OPEC infighting. The only way OPEC could block Saudi attempts to lower price would be production cuts beyond the Saudi’s ability to increase supply. In the past, OPEC has never actually been able to do that, as apart from the Saudis the rest pretty much always pump flat out ...Read More

China real estate comments

Yes, China understands it’s unlimited ability to support demand through deficit spending that includes funding through state owned banks. The limits are their tolerance of inflation. The question remains whether they can deliver a soft landing, rather than a hard landing, in their efforts to dampen inflation. While theory says it’s possible, ...Read More

Post-Quake Reconstruction Panel Calls for Tax Hikes

Nothing changes, seems: Post-Quake Reconstruction Panel Calls for Tax Hikes (Dow Jones) The Reconstruction Design Council issued a report Saturday recommending higher taxes to finance the recovery effort in areas hit hardest by the massive earthquake and tsunami. The panel set broad guidelines for resuscitating a huge swath of the country’s northeastern–an ...Read More


Comment: Side note: I called “on point” on NPR last week to challenge the guest viz his talk of US default, etc. The guy who manages the phone calls told me I don’t know anything about money, and that of course the debt crisis is just that and that the US could ...Read More

US stimulus efforts curbed by deficit: Geithner

Leave it to Geithner to compound the absurdity in new directions: US stimulus efforts curbed by deficit: Geithner The massive US budget deficit means the United States will be unable to use deficit spending to stimulate the economy for many years to come, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Friday. “It’s not going ...Read More