UMKC Honor Roll: MMT/PH.D Graduate Students

A very special thanks to all of you who help support our grad students.

As you can see from the attached list, many are now out spreading the word at the university level.

Also, Jim is still open to donations to the UMKC Ph.D program.

Hi Warren

I hope this finds you well.

I confess to exasperation with the economic nonsense about debt and deficits—and much else. I don’t know if its mendacity or stupidity—both perhaps. Those in office who know better, or should, are not stepping up and the steam roller moves on.

On a brighter note our department is a joy. The faculty are busy and doing good things and our students are the best ever. We now have 52 Ph.D. students, the largest program in the region, and have admitted several for next year. The masters program has 84 students, an all time high. The best master’s students often apply for the Ph.D. The faculty and students in our department have invested a great deal to build what we consider a highly successful program. I have attached a list of our Ph.D. graduates. You can see from the list they are doing well. Many are teaching and helping spread the ideas they learned at UMKC. They also send us students so we have a positive feedback going. With your support and intellectual commitment our department occupies an important spot in economics education.

Also I wanted you to know that 2011-12 will be my last year as chair. I am going to teach more and try to finish several papers and a book that have languished too long.

Warmest regards

Ph.D Grads

Willadee Waymeyer – Mid America Nazerene University
Jennifer Golec
Lana Ellis
Zarniah Hamid – University of Malayasia
Zohrah Nikina – University of California-Berkeley
Mutaz Nabulsi – Sprint Corporation
Nickolas Pologeorgous
Jason White – Northwest Missouri State University
Kurt Kruger – John Ward Associates
Doug Bowles – University of Missouri-Kansas City
Myles Gartland – Rockhurst University
Linwood Tauheed – University of Missouri-Kansas City
John Jumara – Park University
Robert Scott – Monmouth State
Jairo Parada – Colombia Federal University
Joelle Leclaire – Buffalo State University
Eric Tymoigne – Lewis and Clark College
Fadell Kaboub – Denison College
Robert Spalding – U.S. Air Force
Zadravka Todorova – Wright State University
Doug Meador – St. Francis University
Yan Liang – Willamette University
Ta He Jo – Buffalo State University
Linda Hauner – Commerce bank
David Harris – Benedictine College
Pavlina Tcherneva – Franklin & Marshall College
Michael Murray – Central College, Iowa
Jeremy O’Connor – Rockhurst University
Felipe Rezende – Hobart & William Smith
Flavia Dantes – Cortland College, New York