Daily Archive: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UMKC Honor Roll: MMT/PH.D Graduate Students

A very special thanks to all of you who help support our grad students. As you can see from the attached list, many are now out spreading the word at the university level. Also, Jim is still open to donations to the UMKC Ph.D program. Hi Warren I hope this finds you ...Read More

Wray- the currency as a public monopoly

Good to see this- been suggesting it for quite a while. Working Paper No. 658, March 2011 Keynes after 75 Years: Rethinking Money as a Public Monopoly L. Randall Wray Economists and government policymakers fail to recognize that money is a public monopoly. The result of this misunderstanding is unemployment and inflation, ...Read More

Repost of my press release from August 2010

Unfortunately it’s unfolding as feared. MOSLER FOR SENATE Tea Party’s Economic Agenda Would Cause Next Great Depression Says Former Tea Party Democrat Waterbury, CT – August 30, 2010, Warren Mosler, Independent candidate for US Senate, former Tea Party Democrat, and frequent speaker at Tea Party rallies, lashed out today at the political ...Read More