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NATO denies rumor Italy has surrendered

Posted by WARREN MOSLER on March 20th, 2011

6 Responses to “NATO denies rumor Italy has surrendered”

  1. mike norman Says:



  2. beowulf Says:

    Yeah, a fun war to watch would be Italy versus France, err, mano a mano– it’d be like watching midgets boxing. History tells us France would win. When Italy tried to follow up German’s blitzkrieg strike with a late hit on France, they were denied by a single squad of French soldiers.
    Like the main Maginot Line did with the Germans [who just went around it B.], the Alpine Line achieved the goal of preventing the Italians from advancing through the protected areas. And, as the Italians had no alternative but to directly confront the fortifications the south of France was completely protected from the Italian advance. An advance along the main coastal road was delayed by stiff resistance at the Casemate du Pont Saint Louis on the border at Menton, which was manned by seven men led by a non-commissioned officer…


    Roger Erickson Reply:

    Actually, the Italians were driven back by a single, stout woman. TINA.


    beowulf Reply:

    I’m not following, what’s love got to do with it? :o)


    Tom Hickey Reply:

    Horatio at the bridge.


    JCD Reply:

    When Churchill was informed in June 1940 that Italy had joined the war on the Axis side, he is said to have replied:

    “It’s only fair. We had to have them in the last war.”


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